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pied piper of purpose

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Lighting the Way for Others

I'm an Intuitive Life Coach with a passion for purpose who helps women find the courage to take steps forward in their next chapter.  I find JOY in moving others to action, to change, to happiness.

I use my intuition to help them embrace what they already know in their hearts and offer guidance on the best path towards getting there.

With fun and enthusiasm, I help them create a plan to make choices that matter towards a life of meaning...a life that SPARKLES!



My name is Sue and I AM the Pied Piper of Purpose.

I am a Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, and an Intuitive Angel Practitioner.  I use intuition to bring to light to the challenges women face and help them create new possibilities to embrace.  Along the way, with my down to earth nature, I help them uncover their Sparkle. READ MORE ABOUT ME AND MY OFFERINGS ….


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The Pied Piper of Purpose, Sue Brady

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Pied Piper of Purpose, Sue Brady

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